Mike England,
Front End Developer

I love building flexible websites that are lightweight and unique.

From Concept to Deployment

Websites are all about the experience they provide. Front end development is the process of creating that experience by organizing content, designing layouts, and developing a finished web based product.

Skills & Background

Let’s Talk Design

10+ years experience designing layouts, brands, and many other awesome projects.

Let’s Talk Code

I’ve built a variety of custom websites for small to midsize business including non profits, government, manufacturing, and for profits.

Practical Skills

Aside from design and development, I’m also versed in other areas that help contribute to development projects.

  • SEO Optimization
  • Project Planning
  • Information Architecture
  • Accessibility & Testing
  • Browser Testing
  • Gutenberg Block Development
  • Digital Painting

Check out a few of my favorite projects!

Each website I build is unique to the client. Whether it’s creating a fresh new website or giving new life to an old website I’m always happy to help.

Let’s Meetup, pun intended.

If you’re interested in learning about WordPress or just want to talk, be sure stop by the Springfield WordPress Meetup. I’m the local Meetup organizer and would be glad to help.

Leveling Up Skills

In today’s fast paced world being in a state a of constant learning is a requirement. One of my favorite ways to level up my skills is with side projects!

Things I’m Currently Excited About:

  • Developing a WordPress theme from the ground up.
  • Taking a deeper dive into Es6 & React.
  • Developing Gutenberg blocks using Es6, React, NPM, and WP Rest API.

CodePen Samples

View some of cool modules and pens I wrote on CodePen.

Connect with me.

Are you interested in working on a project? Or just have some questions for me?